What to do when the software does not start anymore

Due to power failures and similar external influences, it can happen that the PC simply goes out while Productionserver is writing data. The next time the software tries to start, it may not open anymore. The reason for this is usually that a job folder is defective. The following article briefly explains what you can do to get Productionserver 10 up and running again. If you have any questions, please contact our Websupport-System.…

Logging in Productionserver

Normally logging is just something that just happens in the background when running a software, but when a problem comes up, it suddenly becomes more important. While working in Support we often check the log files of Productionserver. If for example a printing process is canceled or the software isn’t starting anymore, these text files can help to find the real cause. This information can then help our developers to improve the software. As a user you don’t have to analyze the log files yourself, so that this article just describes how the logging is activated.

Selecting Hardware for High Performance Rip PCs

ColorGATE software solutions will run on nearly any PC hardware running a recent Windows, the minimal system requirements are met in the lowest cost segment, even tablets or Mini-PCs would be able to run and probably even be able to drive printers productively.

With higher productivity of printers and the ability to run multiple devices simultaneously one of the most frequently asked question is: “What PC specifications would you recommend?”