Colors in Sync: A Journey into Print Precision

The importance of color consistency is undeniable in today's world. The ability to deliver top quality results that match customer expectations over the long-term sets companies apart from the crowd. But of course, color deviates over time, influenced by various factors, such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, environmental changes and more. This fluctuation and unpredictability further undermines the importance of robust color matching. Whether in the commercial, packaging, or textile industries, maintaining consistent color is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a strategic necessity. Failure to achieve this consistency can lead to wasted resources, extended production times and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

So, what can you do to keep your clients happy? We’ll show you how we do it at ColorGATE.

MDS – Media Device Synchronization

The MDS helps you to work on different devices in various locations while still achieving the same print quality. This module not only allows easy color matching but also introduces innovative recalibration technology. You can revert your printer to a reference state, ensuring consistent printing results over time. MDS is iterative, enabling you to perform multiple optimizations as needed. It even facilitates fine adjustments for identical printers, accommodating system or environment deviations. Run MDS when you detect differences in print quality during daily operations or with the help of a control wedge (QAM).

MDS – Quality assurance module

QAM plays a significant role in the digital imaging market, smoothly integrated into our software. It serves as a reliable tool, enabling easy control and documentation of color consistency. With QAM, you can print a control wedge to quickly check if your color match your profile. If deviations occur, Productionserver issues a warning via a simple traffic light symbol, ensuring you catch potential issues before they affect your prints. The result? Reduced costs, faster production times, and higher customer satisfaction through consistent, high-quality printing.

Precision in partnership - mds & QAM

When both modules collaborate, they create a synergy that enhances performance, as the QAM helps you to find out, when to use the MDS. QAM's ability to monitor and warn of color inconsistencies complements MDS's recalibration prowess. If QAM signals a deviation, MDS steps in to recalibrate the machine, bringing it back to its original state. This dynamic duo ensures that your prints not only meet but consistently exceed quality expectations. The result? Synchronized printers, reduced production hassles, and delighted customers.

Productionserver 23, armed with MDS and QAM, is not just a color management and digital printing software—it's a solution that empowers you to achieve consistent color, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction. Experience this seamless harmony, and let your prints speak volumes about your commitment to quality (Please note that these two modules complement each other but can also be used without each other. For further technical details, please get in touch with us).

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