Productionserver: Dos and Don’ts – Working with Offline Licenses 

While we recommend using our software-based licenses in an online environment, this might not always be possible. This article explains what you need to be aware of when using our software in offline mode.

When using software-based licenses, the license is bound to the hardware ID of your PC. If the hardware ID changes, the license will be locked and Productionserver can no longer be started.

Do NOT do the following (without first revoking the license):  
  • Do not change hardware components of your PC. 
  • Do not transfer Productionserver to a different PC. 
  • Do not update Productionserver.  

 So do not make such changes on your PC without preparation but instead revoke your license first! 


Lizenz Revokation

DO the following: 
    1. Login to the ColorGATE Service Site.
    2. Go to your user profile.  
    3. Go to the Licenses tab and find the license connected to the device concerned. 
      In the License details area, you will see that you are currently in offline mode. 
    4. Click Change license usage mode to switch to online mode: 
      Change license usage mode
    5. Temporarily activate an internet connection on the computer on which Productionserver is running.
    6. Revoke your license:
      • Go to Windows Start menu.
      • Select Programs > Productionserver xx.
      • Click Productionserver xx – Revoke License.
        Revoke License

    • Perform the desired change (e.g., hardware replacement or major operating system upgrade).

    1. Start Productionserver. In a dialog you will be asked for your activation code.
      You find the activation code in your user profile:
      Activation Code
    2. Enter your activation code and confirm by clicking Activate.
    3. Switch back to offline mode by clicking Change license usage mode again.
    4. Update your license:
      • Go to Windows Start menu.
      • Select Programs > Productionserver xx.
      • Click Productionserver xx – Update License.
    5. Deactivate the Internet connection on the computer on which Productionserver is running upon notification.
If you need help with creating a user account, registering and activating Productionserver, please refer to our Getting Started Guide (ColorGATE: Start). 
What to do when the license is already locked (and Productionserver can no longer be started): 
  1. You need to create a ColorGATE Webticket (login under ColorGATE: Web Support) and ask for re-activation. The ticket should contain license number, build version, description of the event that led to the issue and an optional screenshot of the error message.   
  2. ColorGATE modifies the license and sends a notification email to you. 
  3. Connect your PC to the internet and enter the activation code again. 
  4. After that, you can switch off your internet connection.