If linearization or profiling charts are to be measured with the scan function of the TECHKON SpectroDens, it may happen under difficult conditions that the first or last field of a scan row is read in with a different number of sub measurements. In extreme cases this can lead to inaccuracies in the chart measurements. Uneven movement of the device over the target can also cause problems in accurately capturing the measurement fields. As a result, the quality of linearizations or profiles generated from such measurements may be compromised.

To solve this problem, TECHKON has introduced two new parameters in the device software: Under Conditions / Scan Setup the new parameters Patchwidth and Supress leading / trailing patch are available. Under Patchwidth, the width of the color patches can be entered to make it easier for the device to assign the patches to the measurements. If the second parameter Supress leading / trailing patch is selected, the scan of a row must start before the first color patch and end after the last patch. In this way, the first and last color patches are evaluated with the same number of individual measurements as the patches in between. This setting can improve the measurement results for small color patches or unfavorable measurement conditions.

This setting was introduced with firmware version 17.02.

In the case of linearizations, depending on the measured color and the selected color patch arrangement, patch detection may be additionally complicated. In these cases it can be helpful to detect the color patches with spot measurements instead of strip measurements. Since strip measurements usually consist of relatively few color patches, the additional time required is small.

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