No longer supported devices: The X-Rite i1Pro

As described in the release notes for our current version, the X-Rite i1Pro is no longer supported.

Unfortunately, this leads to misunderstandings since the X-Rite i1Pro2 is also identified as i1Pro on the nameplate and by the imprint on the top. The device that is no longer supported is the older i1Pro, which has also not been supported by the manufacturer for quite some time. The more recent i1Pro2 is of course still supported.

You are not sure which version of the i1Pro you have? The devices can be easily distinguished: The older i1Pro has rounded shapes and is mostly gray.

Not supported anymore since V21: the X-Rite i1Pro

The newer i1Pro2 is black and has a wide silver stripe on the side.

Still supported: the X-Rite i1Pro2

You can find a list of all supported measurement devices here.