Upgrading to V22


Version 22 of Productionserver, Proofgate and Filmgate is out now! If you have an active Value Pack, you can update now, free of charge. In this blog entry, we answer the most important questions about upgrading to V22.

What is new in version 22?

Our Release Notes for version 22 describe the changes and improvements since Productionserver 21.10 Build 11427. You can download them from the here.


All customers who had an active Value Pack on the effective date April 22nd 2022 can upgrade to version 22 free of charge.

Please note that your license needs to be upgraded by our Customer Service before you will be able to run the new version.


For technical reasons, your license needs to be upgraded to V22 before you will be able to use the new version. Please note that the license upgrades are not rolled out automatically. Please contact our Customer Service (customerservice@colorgate.com) if you require a license upgrade.

If you want to switch from a hardware-based license with a dongle to a software-based licensing, please contact your dealer or our Customer Service directly.

If you have purchased your ColorGATE product as an OEM version from a printer manufacturer, the manufacturer will contact you as soon as version 22 is available for you.

I currently have no ValuePack. How can I upgrade my software?

Your dealer will be able to provide you with a quote for an upgrade. If you have bought your license directly from ColorGATE, you can also contact our Customer Service team.

How do I back up my software settings?

If you are currently using V21, please make sure that you have the latest version 21 release, V21.10, installed, before you upgrade to V22. You will need build V21.10.11524 or higher to continue using V21 with your V22 license.

Then start the software and backup your RIP configuration via Options > System Configuration > Backup. You can find a detailed description here.

Can I still use my old version after the upgrade?

With a V22 license you can run V22.00 as well as the last release of the previous version (V21.10). These two versions can be installed side by side on the same system without any problems and can be operated alternately. You will need build V21.10.11524 or higher in order for this to work. If you are still using an older V21 build, you should first install the latest V21.10 build before upgrading. You can find it in our Service & Support area under Download > Software & Updates > Version 21 > Productionserver/Filmgate/Proofgate 21 (login required).

When switching between the two installations, it is necessary to start the alternative version of the product once with administrative rights. This applies to both hardware-based licenses with dongle and software-based licenses with activation code. For SHL-SW licenses, you must also revoke the license from the most recently used version by selecting Programs > Productionserver xx > Productionserver xx – Revoke License in the Windows Start menu. You can then launch the alternative version and activate it with your activation code.

Note: If you are upgrading from version 10 or 20 to version 22 and want to run these versions in parallel during the transition period, please contact us via our web ticket system.

Do I have to register my product again?

Normally, you will keep your existing license number and won’t have to re-register your product. If you want to switch from a hardware-based lincense to a software-based license, you will receive a new license number and will need to re-register your product.