Creating special formats, individual roll & sheet sizes in V8


I am sure you know the option to select pre-defined media sizes in ColorGATE. But now, users can create their own formats for individual roll and sheet sizes.

This useful feature was requested by many customers, because they need to use individual formats in their everyday work. This might be roll widths or sheet formats. I will briefly describe, how easy it is to create custom media sizes. Open the application settings and select the Printer “tab”. Here is the drop-down menu with the predefined media formats. Users could not expand this list in previous versions. You find a new button with the three dots [ … ] next to the described menu. One click and it will open the “User defined Media Sizes” dialog, which offers five different options ( OPEN / SAVE / NEW / EDIT / DELETE ) .

It is easy to use and self-explaining. Nevertheless, here is a brief explanation:
an existing file with custom media sizes.
the current settings. If a file already exists, you are asked to overwrite it, or you can use the well-known “save as” dialog and create a new file.
[ TIP! The file can be open with other printer drivers in the software.]
assign a media name and select between sheet or roll. The units are mm or inches, depending on the program settings .
change the existing settings.
the choosen media size.

That was a brief overview about the new function, of course, the settings can also be applied to a hotcontainer or jobfolder. Try it out and contact us if you have further questions.

This feature requires ColorGATE version 8.