Enhancements to the Color Table function in 10.20

In addition to many corrections and small improvements 10.20 also offers some useful extensions for spot color handling.

In the past replacement values were read in the background, but not directly shown in the software, so it was unclear, which values were actually used. Because of that it was recommended to use color tables with Lab values if spot colors from known suppliers (e.g. Pantone, HKS) were in the document. 10.20 now  shows the values, that are saved in the document, in the user interface as document color. The example above was created in Illustrator and it is visible that Pantone Red 032 C already has a replacement color with Lab values. In this case a color table wouldn’t be necessary. If only RGB or CMYK values are saved in the docuement, these are also shown.

Furthermore, an option was added to the hotfolder settings of the Color Table function in the Proof workflow, that these Lab spot colors from the document can now be printed in the maximum printer gamut, too. Then the spot colors are not processed using the simulation profile. Instead the full gamut of the proofer can be used. This helps when a printing system is simulated that includes channels for spot colors. Then it doesn’t make sense that these spot colors are affected by the simulation profile and the proof printer uses its full capabilities to reproduce the spot color.

Additional infomration about the release 10.20 can be found in the Release Notes, which can be opened from the software via the ?-menu -> “What’s new…” or in the Download section of the website.