How to import settings from older versions


Recently many customers ask us how to transfer their settings from Productionserver 7 to Productionserver 8 when doing an upgrade. Don’t worry, it is not difficult at all, you just need to keep a few things in mind.


Please always export all you files from the older version. After you finished, open the new version and import the settings one by one. It is important to transfer the settings in the same order as described below

1) Printer definitions (cos-files)
We do not recommend to export printer definitions from older versions. The reason is that the cos-file will still point to the old directories. Just set up a new cos in the newer version by clicking Printer → New

2) MIMs
First export all of your MIM combinations through the MIM Administration (Options → MIM-Administration) by selecting Export MIM Configuration. Importing works exactly the same – the only difference is, that you select Import MIM Configuration.

3) Hotfolder settings
To transfer you hotfolder settings, just open the hotfolder tab in the printer properties ( Printer → Properties) and double-click the hotfolder. A window will pop up where you just need to click the icon that shows three disks. To import the settings, simply open the hotfolder tab in the new version and add a new hotfolder. Now double-click it and select the icon that shows three folders.

4) Color tables
To export a color table, please double-click a job that uses it. The job settings will open. After navigating to the Color Management tab and clicking the Color Table button, export the file by clicking the disk-button. To import it in the newer version all you have to do is to open the job (or hotfolder) settings, click Color Table and click the folder icon.

5) Jobs
Jobs do not need to be exported. The original file, print data, job settings, etc. are always stored to a CJB-folder (Job folder). These folders can always be found in the archive directory defined in the printer settings and simply need to be copied into the archive directory of your new printer definition. They will appear after a restart of the software. The default destination path is:
C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver7\JobDir\

That’s it! If you need more detailed information and additional hints, I recommend to read the documentation that can be found in our download area under

I hope this was helpful for you