Dongle activation

The automatic dongle update is not working? There is no internet connection on your RIP computer? Is there a way I can still update my dongle? With this blog we will answer this question.




  • Start Download… : Your computer does not have connection to the internet? Your Firewall/Proxy is not allowing connection to the ColorGATE Webserver?
  • Open licence file… : You don´t know where to find the licence file? You have already opened the license file but still cannot update your dongle?



We would like to assist you with some tips in case you run into any of these problems.

If your product is already registered you can find your license file on the ColorGATE support site. Log into the support area and under Service Support > user profile > product, you can then download your keyfile.




You will also receive an Email when you successfully registered. In case you have not received your licence file or have any questions to your license feel free to contact customer service under



In this mail you will find our KeyUpdater which will allow you to manually activate without an internet connection. You will also find a link to the newest dongle driver (Sentinel Protection Installer).

Open the keyupdate.exe > Choose your license data using open license file and click update attached dongle. Afterwards your dongle should be successfully updated and you will have full access to your program.