Updating from V23 to V23.10

Version 23.10 of Productionserver, Proofgate and Filmgate is out now! If you have an active Value Pack, you can update now, free of charge. In this blog entry, we answer the most important questions about updating from V23 to V23.10.

Who is entitled to this update?

All customers who have an active Value Pack on the effective date November 08th 2023 or later can update to version 23.10 free of charge.

What is new in version 23.10?

Our Release Notes for version 23.10 describe the changes and improvements since Productionserver 23.01.15094. You can download them directly by clicking here (login required).

Where can I find the installer for the updated version?

You can find the installer in our Service & Support area under Download Area  > Software (login required).

Please note: If you are using a softwarebased license and you are installing V23.10 as an update of an existing installation, the license you have in use needs to be revoked during installation for technical reasons. You can then reactivate the license by entering the activation code when you initially start the software after the update. This requires the software to run in online mode. If you are using your software license in offline mode, please refer to our blog entry on working with offline licenses.

Does my license need to be updated in order to use V23.10?

If you have a V23 license and had an active Value Pack effective November 08th 2023, there is no need for any updates to your license. You can install V23.10 and immediately continue working.

If you don’t have an active Value Pack, your dealer will be able to provide you with a quote for an upgrade. If you have bought your license directly from ColorGATE, you can also contact our Customer Service team (via customerservice@colorgate.com or +49 511 942930).

Do I have to back up my software settings?

V23.10 will replace an existing V23 installation. Settings, printer definitions, job data and profiles should not be affected in the process. Nevertheless, we recommend to backup your software settings regularly. You can find a detailed description here.

What do I need to consider if I want to upgrade directly from V22 to V23.10?

If you have been using V22 and just bought an upgrade, or if you already were entitled to an upgrade to V23, but have not made the switch from V22 to V23 yet and are now upgrading to V23.10 directly, there are some additional things to consider. Please note: Your license needs to be upgraded to V23 by our Customer Service before you will be able to use V23.10.

Before you upgrade to V23.10, please make sure that you have installed the latest version 22.10 build. You can find the installer in our Service & Support area under Download Area  > Software (login required, download will start directly afterwards). Then start the software and transfer the system configuration from V22.10 to V23.10. You can find a detailed description here.

If you are using a version 22 software license, the license you use needs to be revoked before the installation of V23.10 for technical reasons. To do this, go to the Windows start menu and select Productionserver/Proofgate/Filmgate22 > Productionserver/Proofgate/Filmgate22– Revoke License. A dialog will open that allows you to start the revocation process. This requires an active internet connection. After the revocation is complete, you can install V23.10 and import the system configuration or restore the previously backed up system configuration. You can find a detailed description here.