We updated our step by step guides

We would like to inform you that we have recently updated our step by step guides to several modules and functions in Productionserver.

The following documents are available in our download area:

Media and Light Profiler Module (MLPFM)

System Configuration – Backup and Restore

Special Color Linearization

Quality Assurance Module (QAM)

How to use Pantone Color Manager with ColorGATE software

Media Device Synchronization (MDS)

Job info in ColorGATE products

Job Backup Module (JBM) and Job Send To

How to use the X-RITE i1Pro 2 with ColorGATE software

HP Latex Media Management

Gamut Viewer

Epson SC-S Series

Cost Calculation Module (CCM)

Color Replacement

Color Copier Driver

Color Atlas Module (CAM)

Access Control Module (ACM)

The link will take you to the PDFs:


Please remember to register in order to gain access to the area. If you have any wishes or questions, please feel free to leave us a comment.