JDF Interface Module (JDFM)


Do you know our JDF Interface Module? No?! Then this article contains more information about it.

JDF- (job definition format) interface for direct data exchange in workflow systems in accordance with international industry standards is based on the markup language XML. In this way it is possible to control order parameters via external systems and to provide important information about the production progress.

The entire production process can be integrated: from design to prepress and printing, to the further processing of complex e-commerce applications. Exchange of data is managed via hotfolder.

Recently new parameters were added:

  • JobContainerAdd: This parameter tells you when a job is added to a container and how the container is named.
  • JobContainerRemove: Gives you the information if an already added single job in the container is removed.

Further information about the current JDF parameter for Productionserver can be found in our download area ->  Documentation -> Job & Workflow Management.