Adjusting the Advanced Settings window for monitor resolutions under 1280×1024

Many smartphones and tablets are already offering full HD resolutions, but there are still notebooks and old displays are often still using maximum resoltion with heights under 1024 pixels. These do not reach the system requirements of Productionserver 9, but there’s still a possibility to show the Advanced Settings window fully in these cases.

When the Advanced Settings tab is for example opened in a display resolution of 1280×720, the OK/Cancel/Help buttons are no longer visible:

However an entry into configuration file helps:

The file is located under “C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver9” and can be edited with text editor like Notepad. Please note that the folder “ProgramData” is by default not shown in Windows, so that it is necessary to change the visiblity of such folders in the Explorer options. Furthermore, it’s also possible to directly enter the path into adress field of the the Explorer (insert with copy&paste) to get to this place. After a restart it should look like this:

The window is normally bigger because some printers have a large numer ob print modes and options that otherwise won’t fit:


In this example the smaller window from the activated ini entry does not fit anymore. The ini entry should only be used when it is absolutely necessary. we hjighly recommend to use larger displays with a height of 1024 pixels if possible.