Often we have been asked which printers we recommend for Filmgate.  In our new Filmgate brochure we attend to this topic with the focus on Epson Printer.

The following techblog entry gives a short insight into the epson printer overview for Filmgate8.

The infographic shows all Epson printing systems supported by Filmgate and Productionserver (incl. Filmgate Module FGM) for the application of film production as well as the corresponding film media products of the CG Media portfolio.

The combination of the printer and film media results in a quality-/productivity relation, which can be covered by the specific film media, CG Reprofilm HD, CG Screenfilm Waterbased or CG Screenfilm Economy.

Quality is a combination of the attainable UV density (DmaxUV) and the maximum screen ruling (lpi) with a sufficient acutance of the screen dots.

The Productivity (sqm/h) of a printer can be increased from uni to bidirectional mode, but this affects the final quality of the acutance.

Our Film & Repro Solutions infographic offers a simple and quick way to find your suitable Epson printer and the corresponding film media product for your individual application:

What maximum media width is needed?
Which density (DmaxUV) is required for your application?
What is the maximum resolution, screen ruling (lpi) for the application?
What are the requirements in terms of productivity (sqm/h)?




The table gives you all information about the Epson printing systems concerning the maximum media width and the used print modes as well as the values for quality and productivity measured by ColorGATE.