Selecting Hardware for High Performance Rip PCs

ColorGATE software solutions will run on nearly any PC hardware running a recent Windows, the minimal system requirements are met in the lowest cost segment, even tablets or Mini-PCs would be able to run and probably even be able to drive printers productively.

With higher productivity of printers and the ability to run multiple devices simultaneously one of the most frequently asked question is: “What PC specifications would you recommend?”

New Profiler guide – Profiling process using non standard inksets

In our Download area on our Support site you can find our profiler guides. The latest guide explains the Profiling process for printers using non standard inksets (Version 9). The comprehensive profiling assistant will be a guidance through the whole process and determine recommended settings. It also allows in depth manual changes to adjust practically…

Adjusting the Advanced Settings window for monitor resolutions under 1280×1024

Many smartphones and tablets are already offering full HD resolutions, but there are still notebooks and old displays are often still using maximum resoltion with heights under 1024 pixels. These do not reach the system requirements of Productionserver 9, but there’s still a possibility to show the Advanced Settings window fully in these cases.